Tranquil II

Tranquil II Duration: 14 month build Scope: Customised split level home Size: 27.03 squares Brief: This predesigned home was customised to work with the slope of the land and capitalise on the stunning surrounding views. The contrasting tones create a modern colour palette with small accents of warm timbers to soften the aesthetic. Utilising the […]


Hartleigh Duration: 8 month build Scope: Custom single-storey home Size: 29.31 squares Brief: This beautiful modern home was custom designed for this young family with a high focus on a Japanese minimalist aesthetic. The large windows and use of skylights emphasis the connection between the outside and in, and utilising this connection to soften the […]


Galway Duration: 11 month build Scope: Custom modern split level home with minimal upkeep required. Size: 29.73 squares Brief: This modern single-storey split level home situated on a steep sloping block boasts large windows and doors to draw the outdoors inside. The use of multiple split levels through the design of the floor plan creates […]


Beaconsfield Duration: 6 month build Scope: Modern double-storey home with minimal upkeep required Size: 22.95 squares Brief: This modest house utilises a monochromatic colour scheme with light timber-look accent materials to create a modern home. With the Master Bed located on the Ground Floor, open plan living to the main living space and a couple […]


Myrtle Duration: 11 month build Scope: Single-storey, suburban, architectural home with minimal upkeep Size: 28.29 squares Brief: They are a couple with older children that wanted high-end architectural features to highlight their home. Every aspect of the house was completely customised, including the ceilings, windows, concealed butler’s pantry and hydronic panel heating. With a restrictive […]


Carribean Duration: 6 month build Scope: Custom single-storey home maximising a tight block Size: 27.13 squares Brief: Modern facade with warmer colour tones create a timeless finish to a beautiful home. Large windows and doors help to open up and bring lots of natural light in, making the open-plan living feel larger. This, coupled with […]


Gardenia Duration: 6 month build Scope: Double-storey family home on a relatively flat block Size: 24.70 squares Brief: This modest house utilises earthy tones and materials to create a timeless home. The use of neutral colours, coupled with warm timbers, provide a perfect canvas to dress up and personalise the spaces. The overall finish of […]