Poppins Duration: 16 month build Scope: Customised double-storey home Size: 50.64 squares Brief: Customising this plan to suit the block and the requests for this family. The ultra modern facade and colour palette continue throughout the house to maintain and consistent aesthetic. The monochromatic scheme will be softened by the Clients’ future timber flooring and […]


Wandoo Duration: 13 month build Scope: Custom double-storey home Size: 56.34 squares Brief: This custom double storey was designed to take full advantage of the obscure shaped block, maximising the land to accommodate a separate wing for an additional living quarters. The multiple living areas allow for the whole family to have their own space […]


Tobias Duration: In progress Scope: Custom double-storey home Size: 54.02 squares Brief: This provincial style custom double-storey home was designed and specified to encompass a modern take on a traditional aesthetic. With multiple living and entertaining areas, this home was designed to suit a large family. The detailed specifications and ornate selections add character to […]


Crawford Duration: 13 month build Scope: Custom single-storey home with minimal upkeep required Size: 62.97 squares Brief: This custom layout has been designed with consideration to the landscaping, and to centre around the future pool area. The use of large windows onlooking this space portray a more open plan living aesthetic and connect the different […]


Annetta Duration: 18 month build Scope: Large custom split level single-storey home Size: 51.22 squares Brief: This custom layout has been designed to centre around a large open plan living area that distinguishes between the bedrooms and living spaces to provide everyone with their own haven. The entry and central living area have a popped […]